People power – if citizens work together they can change government’s plans. Examples include the resettlement programme and the acceptance of some unaccompanied refugee children.

Please find details of petitions below – please take a moment to sign them – your support can make a difference.

Let Refugees Learn


(c) Refugee Action

Refugees who have found safety in the UK want to rebuild their lives and be part of their new communities. Sadly, they have a huge obstacle to restarting their lives, because there aren’t enough English classes.

Sign the Let Refugees Learn petition, and ensure that refugees get timely access to English classes and the support they need to attend them.

Keep Refugee Families Together

A boy and a girl hug a woman as they arrive at the transit camp for refugees near the southern Macedonian town of Gevgelija, after crossing the border from Greece, on Thursday, Oct. 8, 2015. Several thousand migrants and refugees enter daily from Greece into Macedonia on their way through the Balkans towards the more prosperous European Union countries. More than 500,000 people have arrived this year in EU seeking sanctuary or jobs, sparking the EU's biggest refugee emergency in decades. (AP Photo/Boris Grdanoski)

(AP Photo/Boris Grdanoski)

Children are the only refugees in our immigration system denied the right to bring their immediate families to the UK. As a result, there are hundreds of children across the country who find themselves separated from their family, with no hope of being reunited safely. Neither their parents nor their siblings are permitted to join them – putting at risk their safety and wellbeing in the UK.

Being reunited with close family is often critical to a refugee’s chances of integration and recovery. This separation can be very damaging to their welfare and development. Please sign the Amnesty International UK petition.

Support family reunion for refugees

(c) Refugee Action

(c) Refugee Action

The UK’s current refugee family reunion rules are very restrictive. They exclude the complex relationships that affect families torn apart by war – for example, people caring for orphaned younger siblings, or unaccompanied children who have been separated from their parents. Please sign Refugee Action’s petition calling on the government to expand refugee family reunion so that families can be reunited.  Find out more here.

Grant safe passage to the UK to Hayat Ghajar, Reem Abozlam and Dania Abozlam

Abeer Jones

(c) Abeer Jones

Abeer Jones lives in North Wales but her mother and sisters are trapped in Aleppo, Syria. Her mother is 70 years old and badly injured from a mortar attack. Abeer Jones with her husband David Jones and their children Adam Jones, 8 and Danny Jones, 5, are desperate to rescue their family in Aleppo. Please sign her petition to allow her vulnerable mother and sisters to stay with her in safety as well as strengthening provisions for refugee family reunion. Sign the petition here.